26 December 2015


Gabbanarchy – the Bulgarian hardcore compilation – is released every year as a xmas present. This year let’s celebrate its 8th edition with a party! 
BULGARKOR is an event specifically dedicated to the extreme spectrum of electronic music made in Bulgaria. Come and feast your ears on the twisted sounds that will emerge from deepest corners of the Bulgarian underground!

Gabbanarchy - българската хардкор/габбер компилация - излиза всяка година като Коледа подарък. Тази година елате да отпразнуваме осмото издание в the fridge !
BULGARKOR е събитие, изцяло посветенo на българската екстремна електроника. Заповядайте на звуковия пир, който ще се състои от най-кривите звуци, изплували от тъмните кътчета на българския ъндурграунд!

OutOfTheShell /dark psy/ 

Cactus Erectus /breakcore, mash-up/

Resone /crossbreed/

Тъгъдък (aka GabberVanDahl vs. Sorce) /rave, oldschool, gabber/

The Dark One /industrial hardcore, crossbreed/

Psychotical /terrorcore, speedcore, splittercore/

Sm1rt /breakcore, speedcore/

Kanalen_pluh /terrorcore, speedcore, splittercore/

DiZzEx /terrorcore, speedcore, splittercore/

IMPLΛNT - live /flashcore, splittercore, extratone/

БМК Records /extratone, harshnoise/

Wayab /ambient, splittercore, extraton/

Insult /schranz, crosbreed, industrial hardcore, speedcore/

d-Lysergic Acid /raw&extreme industrial techno&hardcore/
doors open: 20:30h
start: 21:00h
end: 08:00h

2lv /before 22:30h/
3lv /before 00:00h/
5lv /after 00:00h/
+ donation box if you want to support the next event(23.01.2016)

The prices at the bar are low so please don't bring drinks from outside!
Цените на бара са ниски, моля не внасяйте алк от вънка!
Non smoking event.

31 October 2015



Did you experience an inexplicable phenomenon?
Sickening sense of déja vu?
Encounter an evil inanimate object?
Confront a demon or spirit?
If Not We want to see you at the freakiest FRIDGE on Halloween, you know where it is!

Tap. Tap. Tap to the FRIDGE’s door on 31st. October 2015 after
10 pm. and you will join the monstraus spirit of
Sir VOIN DE VOIN - the HOLLY friend
The Spine of the Saint Sound!
The night will shine over the moon with amazing dance
by lion-Lili An!
Bright the night at Fridge with All the Souls!!!

Donation entrance: 8 lv.
- special decoration for selfies and etc.
- free food on the bar.
Calling all monsters to this family event and don't forget to wear your costume!

24 October 2015


 The night of saturday 24th October let's celebrate diversity, expressions out of the norm and alliances for the identities of happiness, claiming a sex-affective disident resistance.

Tunes selection and video projections from an electro-queer perspective by Vanesa Paradies.

16 MAY 2015


Queer Spot presents Electronic/Indietronic/New Wawe/Electropop Party #3 at The Fridge 

16 May 2015 - this Saturday at The Fridge - Bulevard Madrid 8, Sofia

DJs: Nogdm and M
Entry: Donation from 3 to 5 levs
We are starting at 22h sharp !!! 
Everybody's welcome: no tags, just free minds and tolerance! (No tolerance to shit music however...)
Feel free to invite your friends!...

See ya!

08 MAY 2015



В петъчната вечер мястото ще е the fridge. След първото ни участие там се влюбихме в артистизма на това ъндърграунд местенце, за това сме убедени, че ще го оцените и вие, които все още не сте го посетили. За музиката няма кво, койро ни знае, значи знае - добра ще е, танци, смях, приказки на бара, зад бара, под бара и т.н. 
Започваме 22:00, 

Вход - 5 лв

RELINA - MEusic factory / TOGETHER

03 APRIL2015
START at 10 PM.

Серията „Melformator presents” продължава с нова локация в лицето на пространството за независимо изкуство the fridge. Тематиката остава същата – всеки месец ви представяме по един dj от пловдивската електронна сцена. 

Втория по ред dj е едно от последните попълнения на Мелформатор – Moralez.

Очакваме ви този петък в the fridge!

Начало: 22:00
Вход: 3лв. 


START  at 9.30

21:30-23:30 Yves_O
23:30-01:30 KEi
01:30-03:00 Z3n
KEi (aka Konstantin Petrov) is one of the standout figures of the current electronic music scene.
He's gained reputation of a curious selector who digs deep into the database. He has a unique ability to find strange tunes and present them in a unpretentious fashion, without caring much what others say. Be it classic Chicago house or weird techno, trippy electro or funky old school breaks, or events like Design Week, DA Fest he's done it all again and again during the years. Not to mention his home imprint Porno BMP (where Bulgaria's best known export KiNK comes from), a underground label that's responsible for some of the craziest parties in Sofia for more t...han a decade. And, which makes it even more exiting, he'll be playing our venue for the very first time.https://www.facebook.com/itiskeihttp://pbpm.net/
We've known Yves_O from the first parties in the old fridge. Since then he became sort of a resident DJ here, playing many of our events. His tastes are eclectic. He's not afraid to switch between genres and styles surprising even himself with new and different music. Like most of us, he shares deep passion for house and techno, but we've heard him play Japanese pop, Finish tango, Afro rock or French shanson in his long and colourful sets. Colourful, because he also specialises in VJing, producing his own special visuals for the different occasions and various collaborations. No wonder if you've never heard of him. He's one of those guys, who consciously go under the radar most of the time. Even when he plays internationally, he's strictly underground. https://soundcloud.com/kompot/yveso-1-year-vlkv

Z3n (aka RoboKnob, aka Iasen Georgiev) is quite a new name on the local scene. For the past few years we've seen him making some noise with the i/o live band. Recently he's exploring new sounds mostly with analog hardware, travelling from IDM and electro to pure acid and techno. This Friday his idea is to start from scratch, with no presets on the synths, so no one knows how the party will continue...www.soundcloud.com/z3n-music


START at 10pm.

Заповядайте на електронна трансмисия с E.R.C.:: Electronic Research Collective в The fridge и Социален център "Хаспел"

Музикални актове (Ангели, Демони и Коали):

Deecay (E.R.: IDM / Glitch / Abstract HipHop) 
Sevnseal (E.R.: HouseOfSevenSeals / Volca beats/Launchpad Live set)
DJ T.O.D. (E.R.: NewWave / Electro / Dj set)

more... T.B.A.

Място : The fridge
Вход : Безплатен
Дата : 26 МАРТ 2015 (четвъртък)


Start at 10pm.

Queer Spot presents Electronic / Indietronic / Electropop Party at The Fridge

2015.03.21. saturday from 22pm at - Bulevard Madrid 8,1303 Sofia 

DJs: Nogdm and M 

Entry: Donation from 3 to 5 levs

People with all gender and sexual orientations are welcome!

Be queer and don't discriminate!

...and fall in love with whoever you want to!


Start at 10pm.

Techno Experimental Night vol.4 #TExN4

#TExN vol. 4

Another night of techno - the experiment improves.
After the great feedback we received, now we're proud to announce the 4th installment of Techno Experimental Night in Sofia, this time in the frozen Fridge, clean and decent, with a pimped sound system and a visual concept. 
line up:
Halojo | BG | BigBanda
Z3n | BG | TExN
Hypnos | BG | Plunk!, Plazma Records, TExN
lena:k | AUT | Maschinenraum


 Real time visuals by Ste Donchev!

4kW ClearSound system!

We see the techno experimental night also as a platform for techno lovers to exchange, share ideas and resources in the underground techno scene in sofia. Let's make this big together.. 

Keep the spirit!


Start at 8 pm.

Alex & Dessy Acoustic Live

The Frige за пореден път ще бъде сцена за независими артисти. Този път поканата е за акустичен концерт на Alex & Dessy с гост пианист.

Александър Христов и Десислава Георгиева стартират своя авторски проект през лятото на 2014 година. Дебютната им песен „Muse“ постави началото на съвместната им работа. Те ще ни потопят в интимна музикална атмосфера от инди поп, нео соул, джаз и авторска музика. Алекс – акустична китара, Деси – вокал. Те обичат да колаборират проекта си и с други артисти. Този път поканиха Светослав Миланов, познат на публиката на Fridge TheFridge с участието си в пилотното издание на “Вечери с нямо кино и музика на живо в TheFrige”.

Ако все още нямате планове за четвъртак вечер, елате да послушаме заедно приятна музика, да изпием по чаша вино, а след това да потанцуваме под ритъма на музиката, която Филип ще селектира за нас.

Вход: 5лв.


АЕОN Sessions & Fridge Thefridge & Хаспел представят френският перкусионист Антез, който ще представи своят акустичен нойз пърформанс "Continuum".

"My Continuums are pieces of music for rubbed percussion. They are characterised by the acoustic emission of sounds.
At first I used cymbals, but I quickly started looking for any kind of objects, often found objects of different compositions; which after a few transformations, allowed me to continue to develop this sound material and motion work.

My Continuums have unusual sonic textures, they escape traditional percussion registers. They test the limits of our perception: from infra to ultrasonic, by playing phase shifts. They insert themselves into the intimacy of sound matter, through micro sounds, and we are presented with an audio saturation by noise density.

The flow of these sounds evokes both restraint and excess, immersion and timelessness."

(small bio )

ANTI - https://soundcloud.com/anti-008 + GUESTS

Z3n - https://soundcloud.com/z3n-music


Дата:12.01.2014 /
7:30 PM.
Място: The Fridge & Хаспел (бул. Мадрид 8)
Вход: 5лв

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